We had SUCH a blast getting to hang out and grow with so many of you this past year.  Seriously, it was so amazing to see God move through and with all of you during all of these awesome things we got to do together.
Before you start crying thinking that you won't get to hangout with your STOCYM homies for a whole summer (Put that tissue/hankerchief down) - we have some great news. 
Unlike school, STOCYM doesn't take the summer off! We have tons of awesome programs and events all summer long for all high school age students at STOCYM! From Bonfires to Basketball tournaments to Retreats to Laser Tag to Bible Study & more - we got it all!  
Monday Events are USUALLY start at 7:00 PM; Bibles & Bagels (Wednesday) goes from 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM!  See below for more specific details:


A challenger approaches!

Join us Monday night for a laid back night of all that our Parish Hall (Dempsey Social Center) has to offer. From basketball shoot around, to video games (including Wii Sports, and more), to other sports, to snacks, to comfy couches, and more. We just want to enjoy an evening of fellowship with all of y'all. It is going to be super fun we really hope to see you there! Bring some games/consoles to share, and good times will be had.

Bring a friend or two - it is going to be fun! Open to all High School Students (going into 9th - finished 12th grade) Catholic or not! You won't want to miss this.  

This is going to be SUPER fun, and would be an awesome event for all students to attend, even if it is your first STOCYM event. We'd love to see you - seriously, you should be there. It’s gonna be great!


WED, JULY 5TH | 9:30 - 11:00 AM | YOUTH ROOM

Our weekly, Summer Bible study is BACK and in-person. We will continue to meet every Wednesday Morning, from 9:30 - 11:00 AM, in the STOCYM Youth Room to dive deeper into the word of God, and enjoy some bagels with some quality friends. 

I know it is a little early, but there is no better way to start your morning than with the Three B's: Bible, Buds, and Breakfast! We will provide the bagels and the Bibles, all we need is you! 

Whether you've never been to a bible study before or you have been diving into the Word for years, this will be a great opportunity to engage with Scripture and better understand how we can apply it to our everyday lives!


We are ready to share our OFFICIAL 2023 SUMMER CALENDAR with you all!
We are BEYOND STOKED to get back to our more regular routines with all of you! See below and start planning now:
As you can see, we have some super cool things coming up this Summer, and the rest of 2023 - you are NOT going to want to miss them. We will continue to send out our weekly updates so you don't miss a thing!
Things are only going to get better and we want to see all of you at some of our upcoming hangs! Feel free to invite anyone (Catholic or not) to come out!
We want to see y'all - we can't be US without YOU!