Become an Altar Server


Altar Servers offer service to God and the community by assisting the priest during mass.

This ministry of assistance at the Holy Altar of the Lord is open to young men and women ages 10-18 (grades 5-12). Altar Servers must obtain parental permission and agree to comply with a dress code when serving. Altar Servers are assigned to assist the clergy at Sunday Mass, Holy days, wedding and funeral liturgies. Occasionally Altar Servers have the opportunity to serve the Bishop as miter or staff-bearer.

Coordinator: Deacon John Fanelle



Responsibilities of Altar Servers include:

Lighting the altar candles

Extinguishing the altar candles

Bearing the cross in entrance procession

Bearing the candles in entrance procession

Assisting with holy water, water, wine and offertory gifts at Mass



Serving at the altar is a big responsibility. The clergy count on your showing up when scheduled. They count on your mature attitude while serving. They expect you to be dressed neatly and to arrive early. They appreciate a reverent attitude in all that you do.

If you feel that you would like to serve the Church by being an Altar Server, please contact us here.

Please click to download Ministry Introduction and Altar Servers’ Guidelines:

Altar Server Ministry Introduction 113014a

Altar Servers Roles Details