Monthly Speakers

St. Thérèse of Carmel Catholic Church, in partnership with Catholic Answers, is pleased to host the "On Fire For The Faith" speaker series.

Please join us Thursday, Marich 24, 2022 at 7:00 PM

at the St. Thérèse of Carmel Catholic Church, Dempsey Center.

4355 Del Mar Trails Road, San Diego, CA 92130, 858-481-3232

To hear Jimmy Akin and Bart D. Ehrman

Debate whether or not the Canonical Gospels are historically reliable.

This event is filling up fast in the final days and tickets are required.

If you would like to attend, please click the link below to register.

For the press release, please click: ChristianNewsWire

For the event summary, please click: March Debate

St. Thérèse of Carmel Catholic Church is seeking parishioners, interested in deepening their faith through service, to join our hospitality team that helps to provide refreshments and to setup for this series.  For more information, or to sign up, please contact Jennifer Graf at [email protected]